How To Fix GE Dishwasher FTD Error Code?

There are many questions and concerns about the GE Dishwasher FTD Code, what it means, and how to fix it. This subject is part of troubleshooting for GE Dishwasher, and the article provides an in-depth examination of these issues.

The GE dishwasher makes dishwashing much easier than it used to be. Sometimes, your dishwasher display screen will display error codes if your dishwasher has problems. A GE dishwasher FTD error code is one of these errors.

There are many questions and difficulties surrounding this code, what it means, why it happens, and how to fix it. This post explains everything in detail.

What Does The GE Dishwasher FTD Error Code Mean?

What does ftd mean on a ge dishwasher? The GE dishwasher FTD code mean that there is a dishwasher failure to drain wastewater. There is no need to be alarmed if the washer displays the code when you try to use it. Rather, the washer alerts you to a simple fix for a problem that can be solved.

When you open your washer and find a smelly and stale water puddle inside, this is a sign that you are experiencing a draining system. It takes more than one problem to cause a draining issue. In most cases, an accumulation of several troubles causes the problem.

Unfortunately, many other causes of a GE dishwasher FTD error code exist besides this particular issue. In addition to this, many other problems may occur in your dishwasher.

What Causes GE Dishwasher FTD Code?

The GE Dishwasher FTD error code is caused by a malfunctioning GE food processor.

GE Dishwasher FTD Code caused by drain sump

Sump Blockage

A blocked drain causes water accumulation in the sump of a house.GE dishwasher’s FTD codes are likely to appear if the sump in the drain pump is blocked.

This sump does not get blocked on its own, instead, there are several objects behind this issue.

Blocking of the sump occurs, for example, when large food remnants are dumped into the sump and block the path through which water is supposed to flow.

Faulty Drain Pump Impeller

A failing drain pump impeller is likely the cause of the problem.

Every machine that requires water consumption has an impeller of some sort. An impeller determines the amount of water produced or evacuated by applying a certain amount of pressure.

In many appliances, only one impeller is used. However, in a GE dishwasher, there are two impellers: the wash and the drain.

The wash impeller is inside your dishwasher, while the drain impeller is at the bottom.

The part in your dishwasher’s draining system, which connects to the main pump, is responsible for causing a GE dishwasher FTD code if something gets stuck there.

GE Dishwasher FTD Code caused by drain pump

Faulty Drain Pump

Water Is Not Getting To The Sink Because The Drain Pump Is Not Functioning Correctly. The drain pump is another component of the dishwasher that plays a role in emptying the water used to wash the dishes.

Because the drain pump does not have a solid part, it is not built to take solid particles out of the wash tub. Of course, the drain pump is bound to expel some solid particles in the wash tub.

Your drain pump can only handle so much before breaking down. If your washer encounters leftover food particles and built-up grease, it can cause a faulty drain pump. depriving your washer of water after a cycle is caused by this blockage in the draining system.

Other than food particles, your washing machine might also come across some other foreign objects, like broken glass, which can easily slip into the drain pump and stop it from working.

Clogged Chopper Blade

Using a dishwasher for convenience can make chores easier, but keeping it clean is still the safest approach. It’s best to thoroughly clean the dishes after removing any leftovers.

Once the washer has done a good job removing leftover food residues in the past, you may become too dependent on it and clear fewer plates as much as you should.

What happens when the chopper blade is clogged? It simply says it has had enough.

Even though the chopper blade is intended for destroying foreign objects found on your dishes during wash cycles, you still need to be careful.

The GE dishwasher FTD error code can result from too much debris accumulating around the chopper screen.

GE Dishwasher FTD Code caused by drain hose

Blocked Drain Hose or Sink

The dishwasher’s drain hose is necessary for keeping dirty water away from the machine.

The water closet helps to prevent the washer from developing a water puddle of wastewater by sharing the same drain line as the kitchen sink.

A GE dishwasher FTD code cannot be common if the drain hose is blocked. However, this may occur if you do not clean regularly.

The Wrong Detergent Type

It is natural to assume you can use simple dishes or hand cleansers for your dishwasher.

Therefore, these soaps create a lot of foam which may block your dishwasher’s draining system. In extreme situations, the water might overflow from the dishwasher to the floor and flood it.

How To Fix FTD Code on Ge Dishwasher Steps?

To fix a GE dishwasher FTD error code, you must first identify its specific cause. Once you have done so, you can more easily comprehend which of these remedies to apply.

#1 Replace the drain pump impeller

Be particularly careful when replacing your drain pump impeller, since that is the only way to repair a drain pump.

To remove the racks from your dishwasher, first, use a screwdriver to remove the spray arms from the racks.

Finally, remove the screws holding the pump cover, which will allow you to access the backwash arm and filter, which you will also have to remove.

It’s the best time to clean your filter at all angles and remove any debris that might block it later on.

Take off the screws on the washer’s discharge cover and you’ll find the impeller below it. Install the new impeller and make sure you reassemble the removed parts in the same way.

#2 Sump is blocked, Check for Sump Blockage

The sump and filter are located close to each other in the dishwasher, so both devices are at risk for blockage if you don’t clean or check them.

Although you were vigilant, foreign objects will still wind up in your dishwasher no matter how thorough you were. From here on out, it’s up to you to avoid piling up these problems.

#3 Check the drain hose or pump for damage, kinks, or cracks

It’s important to inspect your drain hose and pump regularly, as they may become obstructed or kinked over time. Detach the hose from under your kitchen sink during inspections using a plier.

When the drain hose is blocked, you can clear it by running water through it at high speed in a large bucket. The object obstructing the hose will flush through it and into the bucket.

In addition, testing for continuity on the drain pump is needed to replace it. On the other hand, repairing it requires using a multimeter.

#4 Always use the appropriate detergent for your unit

You can find information about the detergents used in specific GE dishwashers in your manual. However, you can make great use of detergents specially created for dishwashers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a hard reset on a dishwasher?

To perform a hard reset on a dishwasher, turn it off at the main switch and disconnect the power cord. Remove the racks by pushing down on the arms and pulling them out. Spray a very light coating of cooking oil onto the connectors and the inside of the dishwasher door. Replace the racks, insert the arms into the slots and push the door closed. Reinstall the power cord and turn on the dishwasher.

Is there a reset button on GE dishwashers?

There is not a reset button on GE dishwashers.

Why does my GE dishwasher not drain?

ge dishwasher not draining

There could be a number of reasons why your GE dishwasher is not draining properly. One possibility is that the dishwasher hose connection to the sink is blocked. Another possibility is that the drain hose is clogged. If the dishwasher is not draining properly, it may also be necessary to replace the dishwasher pump.

What does E2 mean on a dishwasher?

E2 stands for extra dry. This setting is intended to reduce the amount of water used in the dishwasher.

How do I force my GE dishwasher to drain?

There are a few ways to force your GE dishwasher to drain. You can use the manual spray arm to direct water onto the drain at the bottom of the dishwasher. You can also place a pan or bowl on the top rack to catch the water that falls from the dishwasher.

How do I clear the error code on my GE dishwasher?

To clear the error code on your GE dishwasher, first make sure that there is nothing blocking the dishwasher’s drain. If there is something blocking the drain, you will need to remove the obstruction. Once the dishwasher is clear of any obstruction, run a cycle with detergent and water. Finally, empty and clean the dishwasher.


When a GE Dishwasher FTD Code appears on your dishwasher, it means the dishwasher is experiencing draining problems. Blocked chopper blades, a faulty drain pump, the wrong detergent, and other factors can contribute to these problems.

To succeed in fixing the GE Dishwasher FTD error Code, you must recognize the factors listed above. Once you have identified the issue, you will have a better idea of how to repair it.

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