How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher: 10 Steps

Is your Samsung dishwasher not working anymore? Don’t fret! More often than not, the problem is small and can be fixed easily with a few quick troubleshooting steps. Should your dishwasher fail to start or work as expected, performing a reset might just do the trick. Refer to this guide for instructions on how to reset Samsung dishwashers models dw80m2020us and dw80k7050us. For more detailed information on troubleshooting Samsung dishwashers, keep reading.

Before You Start Resetting Your Dishwasher

Before you reset your dishwasher, make sure it is unplugged. If you try to reset a dishwasher that is still plugged in, serious problems could occur. This could lead to injury, burns, and damage to the dishwasher.

Do not try to reset a dishwasher that is still on; it could cause electrocution and damage to the unit. If you have to reset your dishwasher, make sure to prepare everything you need. This will make the process easier and safer. You will need:

  • A dishwasher remote control
  • Dishwasher resetting instructions
  • A screwdriver
  • A rag
  • A flashlight

How To Reset A Samsung Dishwasher?

How to Reset Samsung Dishwasher You can reset your Samsung dishwasher using the following steps: 

  1. Unplug the unit. 
  2. Press the “Power” button on the front panel to turn off the unit. 
  3. Press the “Erase” button on the front panel to enter the setup menu. 
  4. Press the “Power” button to enter the appropriate menu level. 
  5. Press the correct settings button on the remote control to change the desired setting.
  6. Plug the unit back in and turn it back on.

If you are experiencing dishwasher issues, whether an error code that won’t go away or problems with the washing cycle itself, a reset may be the answer to your troubles. If you notice trouble with your appliance and want to fix it without calling a technician, take a look at the following instructions on how to reset it.

To reset a Samsung dishwasher, locate the ‘Start/Reset’ button on the control panel. Hold the button down for three seconds, then release it, and press it again to reset the dishwasher.

The dishwasher may require a manual reset if you can’t restart it after completing the process by pressing the ‘Start/Reset’ button. To do this, turn off the dishwasher from the fuse box or breaker and let it sit without power for five to ten minutes. When the time has passed, restore power and see if you can use your dishwasher again.

Where Is The Reset Button on My Samsung Dishwasher?

Owners of all sorts of different appliances and devices may now reset their products using a reset button, making troubleshooting a lot simpler. With a samsung dishwasher reset button, individuals may bypass the steps required to manually troubleshoot a device or appliance and may reset their item simply by pressing it. Does a reset button exist on a Samsung dishwasher?

Yes, there is a reset button on Samsung dishwashers. On the majority of models, the samsung dishwasher reset button is joined with the start button on the control panel. If you want to reset your Samsung dishwasher, look for the ‘Start/Reset’ button on the control board.

How To Factory Reset A Samsung Dishwasher? It Is Listed Below:

A factory reset is a process that gives users of various goods and devices the opportunity to return their items to their original status prior to any usage. This is an excellent way to restore a product’s “as new” internal condition, but can a dishwasher factory reset be completed? 

If you have a Samsung dishwasher and are curious about how to reset it, read on.

To reset a Samsung dishwasher, you can either perform a manual reset or complete a button sequence on the control panel. You must either switch off the machine for 1 to 5 minutes or hold the ‘Start/Reset’ button for 3 seconds and then press it once more in order to complete a factory reset.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher Leak Sensor Checker?

The Leak Checker on a Samsung dishwasher turns off when the dishwasher is off and resets when the dishwasher is turned on. You can reset the Leak Checker by following these steps: 

  1. Unplug the appliance 
  2. Unscrew the Leak Checker
  3.  Replace the Leak Checker
  4. Plug the appliance
  5. Set the Leak Checker Functions

A dishwasher cleans dishes and other dishwasher-safe items as clean as possible using water. To prevent Samsung dishwasher leaking from bottom of door and because any water-using indoor appliance invariably has leak sensors, a Samsung dishwasher has leak sensors that notify owners when water leaks into undesired areas. 

If you’d like to reset the leak sensor or check for leaks on your Samsung dishwasher, keep reading for details on how to accomplish this task.

To reset a Samsung dishwasher leak sensor or leak check, disconnect power from the fuse box or breaker and wait for one to five minutes before restoring power. The sensor should be reset once power is restored.

The sensor should be certain that no leaks exist within your Samsung dishwasher before signaling you and causing the display panel to turn on. If there are no leaks within your Samsung dishwasher or one has just been repaired, a reset should cause the sensor to go off and cause the display panel to return to normal.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher Control Panel?

The control panel on your Samsung dishwasher allows you to make adjustments and performs the required actions in order for the dishwasher to function. Whether you want to start a normal cycle, need a few items to be steam-cooked, or need a cycle that can handle the most delicate dishes, the control panel handles it. How can the samsung dishwasher control panel reset, though?

To reset the control panel on a Samsung dishwasher, press the ‘Start/Reset’ button on the control panel for three seconds. You will either hear a beeping sound to indicate the reset or once the three seconds have passed, release the button and press it again.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher LC/LE Code?

The dishwasher’s control panel is where it’s done, but it also lets you know if anything’s wrong. An error code, which you can locate using your user manual, might appear if the dishwasher is able to identify an issue. There is also a Samsung dishwasher OC code error, If you see an LC/LE code on your control panel, what does this mean and how can you reset it?

To get rid of the error code LC/LE displayed by a Samsung dishwasher when a leak is detected, you must perform a manual reset. This code indicates that a leak is present in your dishwasher, so check to make sure there are no leaks before resetting it and getting rid of the error code.

To Reset The Samsung Dishwasher Delay Start

What can you do if your Samsung dishwasher gets stuck on the ‘Delay Start’ button setting? The delay start feature on your Samsung dishwasher is a wonderful addition for those who want to start the cycle at a later time, but do not forget to do so. To learn how to reset the delay start feature on your dishwasher, read on.

You can cancel a dishwasher’s cycle if it’s stuck on or finish a manual reset if the ‘Delay Start’ feature has been activated by turning off power to the appliance. Both actions should reset the ‘Delay Start’ feature.

How To Reset A Samsung Dishwasher Door Latch? That Has Become Stuck or Unresponsive

The Samsung dishwasher’s door latch, besides being the component that opens or closes the machine, sends a signal that indicates it can process commands when engaged. If the door latch on your Samsung dishwasher is not functioning correctly, this may interrupt its ability to operate. What may be done if you are having trouble with the door latch on your Samsung dishwasher?

The dishwasher latch cannot be reset on a Samsung machine, but if the door latch appears to be stuck, shut off the power for one to five minutes. After the time has elapsed, restore power and see if the latch is working once more.

If your dishwasher does not open after a reset or if the door latch does not catch and latch when you close it, your latch may need replacing. It is critical for Samsung dishwashers for cycles to be able to move forward.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Flashing Problem?

how to reset Samsung dishwasher with light flashing

You might see a button labeled ‘Heavy’ on the control panel that leads your Samsung dishwasher auto and heavy blinking, Also it lights up when there is a load that is too heavy for the appliance. However, this button, when flashing, indicates that there is too much water in the machine. If you have removed the water or know there is none, what can be done to stop the light from flashing?

If the heavy light on a Samsung dishwasher keeps flashing, first try resetting the dishwasher by pressing and holding the ‘Start/Reset’ button for three seconds. If this doesn’t work, cut off power to the dishwasher and let it sit for one to five minutes before restoring power.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher After Opening Door?

If you want to know how to reset your Samsung dishwasher, look at what happens inside while the door is open. If you want to reset your dishwasher while keeping the door open, it makes sense in theory. However, if you attempt to do a technological task with your dishwasher while the door is still open, the controls will be impacted since the door is not latched, so how can you reset it after it has opened?

There is no way to reset a Samsung dishwasher using the control panel once the door has opened, but you can perform a manual reset. If the door is not latched, no codes can be given to the machine to reset, so close the door if you want to use the control panel.

To leave the door open while a reset occurs, cut power from the breaker or fuse box and let the appliance sit for one to five minutes. You can then restore power, close the door, and see if the control panel is working.

To reset a Samsung dishwasher, the easiest method is to hold the ‘Start/Reset’ button for three seconds on the control panel. If this method doesn’t work, you can manually reset the appliance by cutting off power for one to five minutes.

After Resetting The Dishwasher

Test it and check if it works now that your dishwasher has been reset, try using it. Make sure to run a normal cycle and check if it is draining properly. If you are using spring water, you may want to try using filtered water.

Also, make sure that you put the proper amount of detergents into the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is not draining properly, you may want to use fewer detergents.

Similarly, if the dishwasher is not working properly, you may want to try using a different detergent. Make sure to clean the dishwasher as well. Make sure to clean the interior walls and the underneath of the dishwasher. If there are food particles stuck in these areas, they could be causing a problem for the dishwasher.

Fix common Error Codes on Your Samsung Dishwasher

Reset The 4E Error Code

The dishwashing machine encountered an issue with the water supply and returned the Samsung dishwasher code 4e. The following are some suggestions on how you can fix the issue:

To reset the 4E error code, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Turn off your device. 
  2. Hold down the [Power] and [Home] buttons simultaneously until the device reboots. 
  3. Once the device reboots, release both buttons. 
  4. Once the device has finished rebooting, release the [Power] button again. 
  5. Turn on your device. 
  6. Your device should be working properly now.

How To Reset Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code?

When the leak sensor of a dishwasher detects the water reflector being blocked, the Samsung dishwasher LC code error appears. The dishwasher should switch on and stay on when the error code is entered.

To clear the error code LC, simply turn off the dishwasher for 15 minutes. If it does not work, try the following:

  • Ensure that the drain pipe is not kinked, obstructed, or improperly placed. A portion of the hose should be above the water’s filling point in the tank.
  • Make sure the drain filter cover is securely fastened and also cleaned, you can check how to clean Samsung dishwasher filter for further notice.
  • Start any washing machine program without loading the wash or adding detergents.

Why My Samsung Dishwasher Wont Start But Has Power?

Why Samsung dishwasher won’t start? the answer is simple: bad or worn-out electrical parts. It is not surprising that Samsung is one of the most dependable brands in the world. Dishwashers are also reliable appliances, sometimes Samsung dishwasher won’t turn off. But it is really annoying when they do not work properly even if the controls are pressed correctly, and there are lots of dishes to do.


A dishwasher is an essential kitchen appliance. It helps you to clean the dishes fast and efficiently. They are also energy efficient and make the work of cleaning up the dishes very easy.

However, if your dishwasher stops working, you would want to get it repaired as soon as possible. This would be best done by a professional dishwasher repair service. In such cases, it is best to follow some steps before calling the repairman. This article will focus on how to reset Samsung dishwasher.

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