Maytag Washer Won’t Start? Don’t Panic, We Can Help

For homeowners, dealing with malfunctioning appliances can be quite bothersome. A common issue many homeowners encounter is their washing machine failing to start. If you come across a situation where your Maytag washer won’t kick into action, there’s no need to worry. This manual aims to help you pinpoint the problem and get your washing machine running smoothly again.

Causes Why Maytag Washer Won’t Start?

What causes a Maytag washer not to start?

  • Power issues: The washer may not start if there is a problem with the power supply, such as an unplugged power cord, a tripped circuit breaker, or a faulty power outlet.
  • Control Panel issues: The control panel plays a critical role in the operation of the washer; if the control board is faulty, the buttons are not working properly, or the display is not functioning, the washer will not start.
  • Door lock issues: The washer will not start if the door is not closed properly, the door lock mechanism is broken, or the door lock switch is not working.
  • Timer and Mechanical issues: Mechanical issues such as worn-out belts, transmission problems, timer malfunctions, or motor damage or wear can prevent the washer from starting.
maytag washer won t start

Maytag commercial technology washer won’t start

If your Maytag commercial technology washer won’t start, here are a few things you can check:

  1. Power supply: Check that the washer is properly plugged in and that the outlet is functioning correctly. If the outlet isn’t working, try plugging the washer into a different outlet.
  2. Circuit breaker: Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has, reset it and try starting the washer again.
  3. Door latch: Make sure the door is fully closed and that the door latch is engaged. Some washers won’t start if the door isn’t securely closed.
  4. Control panel: Check the control panel to make sure that the washer is properly programmed and that all settings are correct. Make sure that the cycle you want to run has been selected and that the appropriate options have been chosen.
  5. Water supply: Make sure that the water supply to the washer is turned on and that the water hoses are not kinked or clogged.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, you may need to contact a professional for repair.

Maytag washer How to start? Troubleshooting Steps

Power issues

  1. Verify that the power cord is properly plugged into the electrical outlet and that the outlet is providing power. Ensure that a switch does not control the outlet or that a GFCI is not tripped.
  2. Check the circuit breaker or fuse box to ensure the circuit is not tripped or blown. If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset it and try to start the washer again.
  3. Inspect the power cord for any visible damage, such as fraying or kinking, which can lead to a loss of power. If the cord is damaged, it should be replaced.
  4. Test the outlet with a voltage tester to ensure it is providing power. If the outlet is not providing power, check the wiring or have an electrician check it.

Control Panel issues

  1. Verify that the control panel is responsive by attempting to start the washer using different buttons and observing the display for any error codes or messages. Error codes like Maytag Washer Code UL can indicate a specific problem with the washer and should be referred to the manual or the manufacturer’s website for more information.
  2. Inspect the control board for any damage or malfunction, such as burn marks or loose connections. Replace the control board if necessary.
  3. Inspect the button contacts for any visible wear or damage, which can lead to poor connectivity. Clean or replace the buttons as necessary.
  4. Check the wiring connections between the control panel and the control board for any loose or damaged connections. They should be repaired or replaced if the connections are loose or damaged.

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Door lock issues

  1. Verify that the door is properly closed and latched. Check the door seal and gasket for any signs of wear or damage.
  2. Inspect the door lock mechanism for any signs of damage or malfunction, such as broken gears or stripped threads. Replace the door lock mechanism if necessary.
  3. Check the door lock switch for proper function by engaging and disengaging it manually. Replace the door lock switch if necessary.
  4. Ensure the door is not blocked or jammed; this can prevent the lock from engaging.

Timer and Mechanical issues

  1. Inspect the belts and pulleys for any wear or damage, such as fraying or cracking. Replace the belts and pulleys as necessary.
  2. Check the transmission for any wear or damage, such as leaks or broken gears. Replace the transmission if necessary.
  3. Inspect the timer for any signs of malfunction, such as a broken knob or a stuck timer. Replace the timer if necessary.
  4. Check the motor for any signs of damage or wear, such as a burning smell or a loud noise. Replace the motor if necessary.
  5. Check the water level pressure switch; if it is faulty, it can prevent the washer from starting. Check the wire connections and test the switch if you suspect it is faulty.
  6. Inspect the water inlet hoses for any kinks or blockages; this can prevent the washer from filling with water.
  7. Check the drain hose for any blockages; this can prevent the washer from draining the water.
Maytag Washer Won't Start?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Maytag washer not starting?

There are several potential reasons why your Maytag washer may not be starting, such as power, control panel, door lock, and mechanical and timer issues. It is essential to troubleshoot the problem by following the manufacturer’s manual and checking the power supply, inspecting the control panel, door lock, timer, and mechanical issues

Is there a reset button on a Maytag washer?

Yes, most Maytag washers have a reset button. The location of the reset button may vary depending on the model of the washer. The reset button is usually located on the control panel, behind the control panel, or on the back of the washer. It’s important to consult the user manual of your specific model to find the location of the reset button, as the location may vary between different models. How to reset maytag centennial washing machine? Pressing the reset button can help reset the electronic control of the washer and can be used to fix error codes or other problems.


In summary, the most common causes of a Maytag washer won’t start are power, control panel, door lock, and mechanical and timer issues. By following the comprehensive and advanced troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to diagnose and fix the problem. However, it’s always a good idea to consult the washer’s manual, and if the issue cannot be resolved, it is highly recommended to contact a professional technician for assistance.

Additionally, In Appliance Help Hub we always recommended to check the manufacturer’s website for any software updates and keeping your washer in good condition by performing regular maintenance and cleaning. Always unplug the washer before any repairs or maintenance and take caution when handling electrical components.”

Please note that this is just a general guide, and the specific troubleshooting steps may vary depending on the model of your Maytag washer. It’s always best to consult the manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific information.

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