Understanding Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

Kenmore dishwashers have gained a reputation for their reliability and efficiency in kitchen environments. However, like all home appliances, they can run into issues over time. This is when Kenmore dishwasher error codes prove to be extremely useful. In this article, we will delve into the critical role these error codes play, their significance, and how to interpret them. Additionally, we will cover the most common error codes, provide troubleshooting tips, and suggest ways to prevent these errors in the future.

What Are Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes?

Kenmore dishwasher error codes are alphanumeric or alphanumeric-numeric combinations that serve as diagnostic tools. When your dishwasher encounters a problem, it displays an error code on the control panel to indicate the issue. These codes make it easier for you to identify the specific problem, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting and potentially preventing costly repairs.

Why Are They Important?

Understanding Kenmore dishwasher error codes is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Quick Diagnosis: Error codes provide a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem, saving you time and money. You won’t have to rely solely on trial and error to identify the issue.
  2. Effective Communication: When you need to consult with a technician or seek assistance online, error codes help you convey the problem precisely. This can lead to faster and more accurate solutions.
  3. Prevent Further Damage: Timely identification of issues can prevent further damage to your dishwasher. Small problems left unattended can escalate into more significant, costly repairs.

How to Read and Understand Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes?

To interpret Kenmore dishwasher error codes, follow these steps:

  1. Consult the Manual: The first step is to refer to your Kenmore dishwasher’s manual. It usually contains a section that lists error codes and their meanings.
  2. Display on Control Panel: When an error occurs, the dishwasher’s control panel will display a code. This code may consist of letters, numbers, or both.
  3. Decode the Error: Cross-reference the displayed error code with the manual. It will tell you what the problem is and often provide some initial guidance on what to do next.
  4. Reset and Test: After identifying the issue, you may need to reset the dishwasher and run a test cycle to see if the problem has been resolved.
Kenmore dishwasher error codes

What are the Common Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes?

Here’s a list of some common Kenmore dishwasher error codes:

Error CodeMeaning
E1Water inlet valve problem
E2Drain pump problem
E3Overfill problem
E4Temperature sensor problem
E5Heating element problem
E6Motor problem
E7Door switch problem
E8Control board problem
E15Water leakage detected
E24Water supply problem
F7 E1Heating element relay problem
E23Detergent dispenser problem

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these error codes:

Kenmore dishwasher error code E1: Water Inlet Valve Problem

Cause: The dishwasher is unable to fill with water due to a faulty inlet valve.

Solution: Check for clogs in the water supply line, ensure the valve is in good condition, and replace it if necessary.

Kenmore dishwasher error code E5: Heating Element Problem

Cause: The heating element isn’t functioning correctly, leading to issues with water temperature during the wash cycle.

Solution: Test the heating element for continuity and replace it if it’s faulty.

Kenmore dishwasher error code E15: Water Leakage Detected

Cause: This Kenmore dishwasher error code E15 indicates that your dishwasher has detected a water leak, which can potentially cause damage to your appliance and surroundings.

Solution: If you see this error code, immediately turn off the dishwasher, unplug it, and inspect for leaks or loose connections. Resolve the leak issue and dry any spilled water to prevent further damage.

Kenmore dishwasher error code E24: Water Supply Problem

Cause: Kenmore dishwasher error code E24 signals a problem with the dishwasher’s water supply. It can be due to issues with the water inlet valve, low water pressure, or a clogged water inlet.

Solution: Check the water supply to the dishwasher, clean the inlet valve filter, and ensure that the water pressure is adequate. You may also want to inspect the water inlet valve for any defects.

Kenmore dishwasher error code F7 E1: Heating Element Relay Problem

Cause: Kenmore dishwasher error code F7 E1 suggests a problem with the heating element relay in your dishwasher. This can affect the appliance’s ability to heat water and maintain the appropriate temperature.

Solution: Check the heating element and its connections for issues. If you find problems, consider replacing the heating element or consulting a technician for a more in-depth assessment.

E23: Detergent Dispenser Problem

Cause: E23 points to a problem with the detergent dispenser in your dishwasher. It may not be opening or closing correctly.

Solution: Examine the detergent dispenser for any obstructions or damage. Ensure that it opens and closes smoothly during the wash cycle. You may need to replace the dispenser if it’s faulty.

Troubleshooting Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes

General Troubleshooting Tips

When you encounter an error code, consider the following general Kenmore dishwasher troubleshooting tips:

  1. Power Cycle: Sometimes, a simple power cycle can clear minor glitches. Turn off the dishwasher, unplug it, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in.
  2. Check for Obstructions: Inspect the dishwasher for any obstructions in the spray arms, filters, or drain.
  3. Inspect Hoses and Connections: Ensure that hoses and connections are secure and not kinked or damaged.
  4. Clean Filters: Regularly clean the filters in your dishwasher to prevent clogs and improve performance.

How to Prevent Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes?

Preventing errors in the first place is always preferable to dealing with them. Here are some tips to avoid common dishwasher problems:

Regular Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Filters: Clean the filters at least once a month to prevent clogs and ensure proper water circulation.
  • Run Hot Water: Before starting a cycle, run hot water at the kitchen sink to ensure that the dishwasher fills with hot water from the beginning.

What are the Tips for Avoiding Common Dishwasher Problems

  • Load Dishes Properly: Overloading or improperly loading dishes can lead to spray arm blockages. Follow the manufacturer’s loading instructions.
  • Use Quality Detergent: Choose a high-quality dishwasher detergent to achieve better cleaning results.


Understanding Kenmore dishwasher error codes is an essential skill for any Kenmore dishwasher owner. These error codes are valuable tools for diagnosing and addressing issues promptly. By following the provided troubleshooting tips and practicing proper dishwasher maintenance, you can enjoy reliable and efficient performance from your Kenmore dishwasher for years to come.

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